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Hello Speqtrumers!

We are going to go out with a BANG! this year with a joined picnic with all of the SFQ LGBTQAI student organisations of Stockholm!
Speqtrum, Queerolinska, SFQ Södertörn and Rainsbows SU are going to host a grand picnic at Vitabergsparken from 17:00 tuesday the 24th of May (tuesday to come)! We will provide salads (both lakto-oco-vegetarian and vegan), non-alcoholic beverages and BBQd fruits and hopefully the weather will be with us; if not we will provide an alternative location to be revealed closer to the event.
Hope to see you all there on our summer celebration!
Lots of love!
// The Boardies

Tonights event!

Hello Speqtrumers!
Tonight we are going to sing untill dawn!
We will meet up at Gröne Jägarn, Götgatan 64, at 19:00 for some social interaction (Speqtrum will buy non-alcoholic beverages) and the karaoke will start at 21:00.
Reminder: Don’t forget to participate in our LOGO COMPETITION!
Hope to see (and hear) you people tonight!
Lots of love!
// The Boardies

Hello Speqtrumers!

Next tuesday, the 10th of may, at 19:00 we will go to a karaoke bar and sing to our hearts delight!

The venue is not as of yet decided on but we will get back to you with more details in a couple of days. For now, write it up in you calendars and we’ll see you soon!

If you’d like to keep track of the Speqtrum events and dates you can add our new Speqtrum Event Google Calendar to your digital calendar! The information is preliminary but we though it could be practical to have something to work a schedule with.

Here’s the link:


You can add it to your google calendar by clicking on the plus sign in the down right corner.
Have a great evening, and lots of love!

// The Boardies


Hello people!
We are now launching our LOGO COMPETITION!
Read the leaflets and start designing; last day to send in your work is the 18:00 the 17th of may (in two weeks!)! Feel free to print and post!
GOOD LUCK, thank you and lots of love!


Hi Speqtrumers!

We hope your exams are all going/have been going great and wish you all a couple of realxing days before P4 starts!

The name change is moving forward and we now have a new description suggestion (added below), which we would love if you all could read through and comment in order for us to make it even better! We also have a new email address, speqtrumths@gmail.com, which we will start sending our emails from within a close future. A new website is under construction and we will soon launch a LOGO COMPETITION! More info about all of this will follow!

Here is the description suggestion, again please comment through your preferred communication route and help us improve it!

“Speqtrum is a social network, connected KTH and SFQ, providing a nonheteronormative and noncisnormative safe space where all sexual and/or romantic orientations and gender identities are equally accepted and respected. This means our society is open to everyone, included but not limited to: Ace, Pan,  Demi, Bi, Trans, Cis, Poly, Homo, Mono, Multi, Queer, Hetero, Flexible etc. etc.!

We aim to be a network where can you meet new BFFs, see lectures connected to LGBTQ+, present a safe ground for discussion and sharing your experiences; all while getting new experiences in and around the city of Stockholm!”

Again, hope you all have fabulous week!

Much love!
// the Boardies

Tuesdays event!

Hello Speqtrumers!

Tuesday is the day for our next event, and this time we invite to join us for a fika! Speqtrum is buying so don’t worry about your wallets; just take a break from your exam studies, come, and share some amazing coffee-moments.

The location for this fabulous occasion is not set as of yet but a mail with all the information will be sent out by Monday evening. Write it up in your calendars, and further instructions will follow!


Next event is set to the 5th of April and will be a movie night! Do you have any favorite LGBTQ+-movies you’d like us to watch? Send us a message through your favorite media and we will gather up the best movies for an amazing evening!


Best of love!

// The boardies